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A Many-Splendored Ode to the Dodo

John Yau review of David Beck's exhibit for Hyperallergenic
by John Yau, Jan 31, 2016 Absurdity and loneliness embrace each other in David Beck’s diminutive, meticulously detailed dioramas. A large selection of them is included in an eye-…

David Beck, the "Reluctant" Star of Curious Worlds

A podcast produced by Denver-based Jon Eks (JonOfAllTrades podcast) with an interview with David Beck and Olympia Stone in occasion of Curious Worlds screening at 38th Denver International Film Festival
Excerpts from Jon Eks (JonOfAllTrades)'s podcast with David Beck and Olympia Stone at 38th Denver Film Festival (full episode here)   David Beck about his art: I make funn…

David Beck and Olympia Stone talk with KALX Berkeley

Interview recorded on 6.13.15 before the San Francisco screening of Curious Worlds at the SFDocFest
Excerpts of an interview recorded on 6.13.15 before the San Francisco screening of Curious Worlds at the SFDocFest (full interview below) KALX interviewer: First let me tell you …

David Beck and Dodos: A Reflection on Extinction

For many years David Beck has flirted with the significance of the Dodos. Here are some of his thoughts from an interview with the Smithsonian American Art Museum
The monumental DODO MUSEUM will highlight the exhibit: David Beck: Alligator Maintenance and Other Esoterica (Jan12- Feb20, Allan Stone Projects.) Here are some of Beck's thoughts …