Nov 18, 2015

David Beck, the "Reluctant" Star of Curious Worlds

Excerpts from Jon Eks (JonOfAllTrades)'s podcast with David Beck and Olympia Stone at 38th Denver Film Festival (full episode here)


David Beck about his art:

I make funny animals that move. I can describe a piece to you and I sound like an idiot.
Some of the pieces are dioramas or box constructions. However I started thinking about the outside of the box. The outside became either a little building (like the Museum), or animals, like the Rhinoceros and the Pig. Am I a sculptor? Sometimes I say I make objects. It opens up a dialogue, you have to keep to paring it down (is it realistic, is it representational, abstract?). I don’t think of myself as an architect. I use architectural motifs and inspiration, but am always referencing something, I am not reproducing a building.

Jon Eks about David Beck:

When you see this film, when you see the Art he creates, you go: Wow! This is otherworldly, this is so cool and so creative and so much fun to look at. How have I not heard about this guy?

David Beck "reluctant star" of Curious Worlds:

When you see your big head on the screen it’s unnerving. You see somebody walking around in your clothes, talking with your voice and you go: who is this guy, how would he know that?

Olympia Stone about discovering David's art as a kid:

Of all the great stuff my father (NY Art Dealer Allan Stone, editor's note) had, David’s work was one of the few, maybe the only artist that I remember just jumping out at me and grabbing me, and holding my fascination from that age on

Listen to the whole interview

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