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Full Frame: Chapel Hill director examines art and artist – Raleigh News & Observer

Listen to Olympia Stone talk about Curious Worlds on WUNC’s “The State of Things.”

Curious Worlds world premiere — Full Frame 2015, Friday, April 10 @ 1:30pm



For many years David Beck has flirted with the significance of the dodos. Here are some of his thoughts from an interview with the Smithsonian America…
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“I’m not reproducing nature ... that’s not something I’m even interested in doing. I’m using it as like a springboard, like a romantic version in a sense.”

— David Beck



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“Everything dissolves in eternity.
I’d like to speak to that.”

— James Grashow


Olympia Stone

Olympia Stone is an award-winning independent producer, director and editor of documentary films. Her intimate portrait of the artist James Grashow, The Cardboard Bernini, details his exhilarating quest to create an intricately detailed cardboard version of the Trevi fountain, which he intends to abandon to the elements. Broadcast nationwide on PBS in 2013-14, the film also won Best Documentary at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2013, and was an official selection at Sebastopol, Santa Fe and 18 other festivals. Her first independent film, The Collector: Allan Stone’s Life in Art (2007) chronicles the obsessive collecting of her father, a New York art world gallerist whose habits and prescient scouting shaped his life and the lives of many in his artfully cluttered orbit.

“It's an addiction ... the art experience for me is like a narcotic ... and I don't get it from everything, but I keep looking for it”

— Allan Stone



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